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"Discover How to Eliminate Your Anxiety About Having a Hysterectomy
With Real Answers From Real Women Who Have Been Where You Are.

Learn What Your Doctor Doesnt Even Know to Tell You!"


Women's Hysterectomy Stories: The Essential Guide
By: Ruth Steeves

Discover Everything You Need For a Healthy Hysterectomy and Recovery Including...
Priorities and Questions for Your Pre-Operative Consultation
check How This Will Effect Your Home Front
check The Child Factor & What You Need to Know
check What To Expect & How to Prepare for The Hospital
check Exercises to Help You on the Road to Recovery
check Scaling Charts That Will Help Track Your Recovery
check Common Complaints After Surgery So You Can Be Prepared
check The Post Operative Do’s and Don’ts
check What You Need to Know About Post-Operative Consultation
check Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) & Is It Right For You
check Important Reminders and Tips to a Healthy Recovery
check Audio Interviews with PDF Transcripts of Real Life Women's Hysterectomy Stories

Detailed Checklists To Make This as Step-by-step as Possible on the Following:

  • Home Front
  • Child
  • Chores
  • Hospital
  • Pre Op
  • Recovery

Much, much more!

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"I Recommend this Book Wholeheartidly"

"For any women facing a hysterectomy I recommend this book wholeheartidly and is a great help in understanding all the aspects of the surgery!"

Audrey Overman
Sydney NS



Reader Testimonial:

"I Absolutely Recommend This"

"...I absolutely recommend this to anyone having a hysterectomy"

Luba Brown
SSM Ontario Canada

Reader Testimonial:

"I Recommend this Book Wholeheartidly"

"For any women facing a hysterectomy I recommend this book wholeheartidly and is a great help in understanding all the aspects of the surgery!"

Audrey Overman
Sydney NS

Reader Testimonial:

"Very Informative"

"Definitely a great guide. Found the ebook to be very informative!"

Shannon McMahon

Reader Testimonial:

"I Found it is Extremely Help Full"

"Thank you for allowing me to read your book. I found it is extremely help full. I know what to expect now after my procedure. The timeline you project for week by week is very helpful."

Sandra Bressi

Reader Testimonial:

"Informative, Well organized, and Quickly Read"

"Women's Hysterectomy Stories was informative, well organized, and quickly read. The ebook contains several valuable lists that help you prepare for most aspects of what to know and expect. I especially appreciated the list of questions to ask the doctor. (...how to prepare the homefront with children also contained great ideas and suggestions.)"

Annette Hart
Laurel, MT, USA

Reader Testimonial:

"Thank You"

"Thank you, I had my surgery and I have been feeling great after. I appreciate your help."

Samaris Hernandez

Reader Testimonial:

"Thank You So Much"

"I have followed all of the recommendations you have sent me so far, including the advice about drinking peppermint tea (which I enjoy regularly along with green tea). Thank you so much for all the information, most of which I have been able to apply in my pre-operative care."

Rosalie A. Franklin

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